Meat our 2020 Burger Week Ambassadors

We are excited to announce the two winners of our 2020 Halifax Burger Week Ambassador contest–Moxey Munchies and Shaun Gillis!

These ambassadors were chosen for their undeniable burger pride and dedication out of a record number of entries.

Moxey and Shaun will each be awarded the glorious ambassador sash and $500 to eat their way through Burger Week, sharing their stories along the way!

Moxey Munchies – Burger Ambassador

A girl holding a burger and smiling infront of a backdrop of burgers as an entry to be the Halifax Burger Week Burger Ambassador

Moxey is a self-proclaimed Burger Week fanatic, posting YouTube videos about Burger Week since 2016!  She’s hoping to use her ambassador powers (and stretchy pants) to beat her burger-tasting record!

Make sure to follow @moxeymunchies!

Shaun Gillis – Burger Ambassador

A man wearing a burger on his head

Shaun has always been a burger lover and has learned to embrace all that burgers have to offer–from beef to plant-based, breakfast to dessert and simple to fancy. So bring on the meat sweats, because Shaun is ready.

Make sure to follow @shaungillis on Instagram for burg content galore!

Honourable mentions

Congrats to our winners and thanks for entering!

With so many creative, burger-tastic entries, ‘twas no small feat for Coast staff to choose this year’s ambassadors. Take a look at some runner-ups we would love to give a shout-out to!

A man holding two burgers and smiling
A group of graduates throwing burgers in the air
A list of burgers as they relate to Lizzo lyrics