Questions about Feed Nova Scotia

Q: Why doesn’t every participating restaurant donate to Feed Nova Scotia?

A: We love that so many of our participating restaurants fundraise for Feed Nova Scotia during Halifax Burger Week but we also recognize that many restaurants do a lot of their community by donating to Feed Nova Scotia and to other causes throughout the year as well.  We leave it up to the restaurant.

Q: Why $7 burgers? How come they don’t donate on top of that?

A: We want to make participation in Halifax Burger Week accessible for everyone!

Q: Why doesn’t The Coast donate to Feed Nova Scotia?

A: We get asked this question a lot—our contribution is a little harder to realize. The fees collected from the restaurants pay for The Coast to put on the promotion. We use these fees to pay for event staffing and management, advertising, marketing collateral and street teams. We could use the fees to donate to Feed Nova Scotia but then the participation fees would have to go up.

Q: Why aren’t franchises or chains allowed to participate in Halifax Burger Week?

A: Halifax Burger Week was developed to promote local independently owned business. The Coast started Halifax Burger Week as a promotion to offer regular Coast advertisers that marketed their specials in our printed newspaper. We wanted to help them with a unique promotion during a typically slow time of the year, which turned out to be the week after March Break. We love all restaurants and food but this promotion is for the small fry, carving out their own restaurant and brand by themselves, just like The Coast!